Ki Life srl

Expanded Polystyrene structures

Engineered and cut with systems predispositions (wiring, plumbing, steam, audio). We work expanded polystyrene (EPS) in our workshops to create the architectural structures of our experience walks, steam rooms, kneipp walks, whirlpool tubs, showers but also to create decorative elements that wouldn't be otherwise possible to make or wouldn't be economically viable such as wrought partitions, reception desks, decorative elements such as signs or 3d adornments, shelves, light-shields, cornices and all the details suitable for the project. We work ourselves the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) because it allows us to perfect our projects and comply to every customer's requests always achieving the best results. Being able to control the whole production process, from the engineering to the installation, allows us to better exploit the great architectural and structural potentials of this material and create always new shapes and sceneries. The Polystyrene we use has such a density that makes it suitable for structures and can be armed with a fiberglass mesh and concrete mortar making it similar to a masonry wall, ready to be refined with a mosaic, ceramic or resin finishing. But the property of the expanded polystyrene that perhaps is more important is the fact that remains unaltered in time, guaranteeing a virtually unlimited endurance as it's not subject to decay nor rot. Advantages of production and use of EPS THERMAL INSULATION. Thanks to its closed-cell structure, EPS has a very reduced thermal conductivity. This characteristic gives it a great efficacy as thermal insulator. RESISTANCE TO HUMIDITY. Permeable to water steam, EPS is both transpiring and waterproof. Water doesn't melt this material and it can't pass through its closed-cell walls. ECO-FRIENDLY. Completely non-toxic, EPS doesn't contain CFC, the greenhouse gas. It is also a material easy to recycle and its disposal it's as today a common practice. MOULDLESS AND FUNGUSLESS. EPS is completely devoid of any nourishing substance; this means that this material doesn't sustain the growth of any fungus, bacterium and any other microorganism that causes mould formation.