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Steam Room

Steam Turkish Bath Room

Design and Production of Steam Rooms for Wellness Centers and Individuals The Steam Room is a healthy treatment for wellness centers and spas, though lately is often sought in private houses as well.

What is a Steam Room?

The Steam Room (or Turkish Bath) is an ancient way to relax and cleanse the skin thanks to the exceptional qualities of the steam and the high water temperature. The steam, used jointly with the salts, aromas and colored light, brings a general feeling of well-being. It takes place in a closed steam-filled cabin (100% humidity) which forms a mist at stratified levels (from 20/25° at the feet level to the 40/50° at the head high) that settles on the skin, rising the body temperature and increases perspiration.

Steam Room Ki LIFE

Ki LIFE can design and build your Steam Room in the space you have available. The solid polystyrene structure is enhanced by a carefully designed layer system that makes a reliable thermal isolation and infinite possibilities of shapes, interior designs and cladding customization (marble, ecomalta, Kerlite, stoneware, mosaic and Corian®). The result is a perfect product to offer absolutely unique experiences.