Ki Life srl

Salt Room

...a heap of energy from the Sea. Salt was called “white gold” for its infinite properties. Today we benefit of its therapeutic properties every time we go to the sea and breathe the salty air or we bathe at sea. To get the same advantages even outside the bathing season Ki LIFE designed a saltwater vaporization system: the atomized salt makes the air more salubrious giving to a session in the salt room beneficial and decongestant effects that relive the tensions and strengthen the immune system. Thanks to Ki LIFE vaporization system, the salt-rich water particles are atomized to the point of generating an efficient assimilation of the beneficial properties. HIMALAYAN SALT BED Himalayan salt, rich in minerals and with 84 trace elements, is warmed on a individually manifactured bed. The contact with the precious pink salt produces a unique and beneficial treatment.