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Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna

 An Italian product that sums up the true essence of the Finnish sauna, where the warmth of natural untreated wood (Canadian Hemlock pine wood) works with a hi-tech electronic control system.

What is a sauna and what are its benefits?

The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word that defines a winter house in which was made some team by pouring water on hot burning stones that were heated on fire, to have a warmer temperature.

herefore the sauna is a bath of very hot and dry air (80-100°) performed in a closed space. The greatest and more immediate benefit is the relief of nervous tension and a general relaxation: the wrapping heat of the sauna has the muscles and joints relax while the increased perspiration eliminates skin impurities and the layer of dead cells.

Ki LIFE Custom-made sauna

The aesthetic rigor, reliability and beauty represent the standard for Ki LIFE. The ensemble is enriched by infinite possibilities of internal furnishing, sizes, shapes and can be built directly on-site.